A huge thank you to everyone who has pre-ordered the new album and are supporting this little hobby of mine. I thought it would be a good idea to give a little insight into the album over the course of the next several months.

About the Title:

Since I moved to Colorado in 2005, I was writing a lot of songs that dealt with the past.  As an artist, the idea of looking backwards into our past life experiences can be taboo, and I’m not exactly fond of taking trips down memory lane because I have a lot of memories of loneliness and personal struggles I’d like to forget (like most everyone).  But this method of writing renewed my creativity, because sometimes I simply just don’t know what to write about.  “Before” was the working title for about 3 years until I settled on “A Long Time Before”.  One word album titles never seemed very interesting to me.  Especially a preposition.

About the Cover:

Several people have asked me about the cover.  I wanted a cover that had youth represented, and had talked with a photographer about several pictures he had taken of his kids when they were younger that would have worked really well, but we ultimately went with this one, a picture of my daughter holding my hand as we walked down a path on campus at the University of Utah, in the exact area that my wife and I met.

Another item of note is that this is the second album cover which features my back side.  Also, the second time that a picture my wife took of me ended up on an album cover.  I’ll leave that up to you to determine coincidence.

About the Songs

All 10 songs on the album were written prior to 2008 except “Epilogue”, which was, written in anticipation of the birth of my daughter.  Each have a very distinct focus of an event in my life which triggered inner muse to write the song.  I plan on writing a little bit about each song on this website in the coming weeks, so please stay tuned!