Happy New Year!  I’m excited to be able to launch this new website and announce the release date for the new record, June 26, 2012.  It’s a collection of songs I wrote and worked on the past four years, and I’m really excited about the final mixes.

A huge thanks to Mike Uchida for his work on the record – he did so much to make this thing happen, and the ideas he brought to the table were amazing.

In case you’re interested in the track listing, here it is:

  1. Never Done Yet
  2. I Fell in Love One Time Before
  3. Hypothetical Romance
  4. Murie’s Song
  5. Forever Out of Here
  6. Life Goes Up Then Down
  7. All the Possibilities
  8. Bring it on Myself
  9. World Went Wrong
  10. Epilogue